Urban Fluid Mechanics

Upcoming meetings

The next meeting will take place at the University of Reading on January 6-7, 2019 .

Welcome to the website of the Special Interest Group in Urban Fluid Mechanics. We are funded by the UK Fluids Network and are an open community whose interests cover a broad range of issues associated with flows in urban areas.

Our members are from UK universities, industry and governmental organisations that meet twice a year.

The scope of the SIG ranges from fundamental to applied research, with an emphasis on experimental, numerical and theoretical approaches. In particular, we have identified the following four challenge areas:

  • C1: Very rough BLs. Flow predictions in neutral boundary layers with very large obstacles.
  • C2: Stratification/buoyancy effects. The effect of non-neutral environments on air flow, air quality and comfort.
  • C3: Dispersion in urban BLs. Passive and active [e.g. heavy gases] scalar dispersion in urban environments.
  • C4: Building-scale fluid dynamics. Flows around buildings, surface pressure on buildings, effects on pedestrians/vehicles/indoor-outdoor exchange.