Urban Fluid Mechanics

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The 11th UFM meeting will be updated ...

Welcome to the website of the Special Interest Group in Urban Fluid Mechanics. We are funded by the UK Fluids Network and are an open community whose interests cover a broad range of issues associated with flows in urban areas.

Our members are from UK universities, industry and governmental organisations that meet twice a year.

The scope of the SIG ranges from fundamental to applied research, with an emphasis on experimental, numerical and theoretical approaches. In particular, we have identified the following four challenge areas:

  • C1: Very rough BLs. Flow predictions in neutral boundary layers with very large obstacles.

  • C2: Stratification/buoyancy effects. The effect of non-neutral environments on air flow, air quality and comfort.

  • C3: Dispersion in urban BLs. Passive and active [e.g. heavy gases] scalar dispersion in urban environments.

  • C4: Building-scale fluid dynamics. Flows around buildings, surface pressure on buildings, effects on pedestrians/vehicles/indoor-outdoor exchange.