Online meeting, Mar 29, 2021

General Information

The 8th meeting is held online on March 29, 2021. Register at

Urban Fluid Mechanics Special Interest Group Meeting, March 29, 2021 (via MS Teams)

Heterogeneity, unsteadiness and uncertainty in urban environments

Location: MS Teams

Date/time: 29th March 2021, 1100-1600hr



1100-1110 Opening (Maarten van Reeuwijk, Imperial College London)

1110-1200 Uncertainty quantification and data assimilation for predictive computational wind engineering (recorded talk, and ppt slides) . Catherine Gorle (Stanford University)

1200-1300 Invited talks (Chair: Andrew Quinn, University of Birmingham)

- Inert tracers and what they tell us about transport into and out of buildings, Dudley Shallcross (University of Bristol)

- High-resolution dispersion modelling in the convective boundary layer, Lewis Blunn (University of Reading)

- Simulating diurnal cycles of the urban boundary layer with LES, Sam Owens (Imperial College London)

- Variability in the short-range dispersion of passive, short-duration emissions, Alan Robins (University of Surrey)

1300-1400 Lunch

1400-1500 Invited talks (Chair: Daniel Hackett, RWDI)

- The effect of tall buildings on the urban environment, Marco Placidi (University of Surrey)

- Developing and implementing the City of London guidelines, Ruth Shilston (RWDI)

- Modelling airflow over idealized, semi-realistic suburban and realistic urban areas, Matthew Coburn (University of Southampton)

- Vegetation transpiration in PALM and PALM validation in real urban scenarios in Prague, Vladimir Fuka (Charles University)

1500-1555 Panel discussion (Chair: Alan Robins, University of Surrey)

- Catherine Gorle (Stanford University)

- Dudley Shallcross (University of Bristol)

- Ruth Shilston (RWDI)

- Vladimir Fuka (Charles University)

1555-1600 Close (Zheng-Tong Xie, University of Southampton)

The urban heterogenity looking north from Greenwich park onto Canary Wharf