MetOffice@Reading, Sept 1-2 2022

General Information

The 10th UFM meeting took place at the University of Reading (Met Office). Attendance to the meeting is free as always.

Below you will find the programme. We will upload copies of the presentations as we receive them.

(Image courtesy of Met Office)

10th UFM meeting: High-resolution prediction for urban modelling and design applications

September 1-2 2022, University of Reading (Met Office)*

Thursday 1st September (talks in 1L08, registration/lunch/refreshments/posters in 1L04, Agriculture Building (59))

1230 Lunch

1325-1330 Welcome ( Humphrey Lean, Zheng-Tong Xie)

1330-1420 Goncalo Pedro (RWDI) Deep dive into computation methods for microclimate (Chair: Zheng-Tong Xie)

1420-1500 Invited talks [15 + 5 minutes] (Chair: Marco Placidi)

· Claire Scannell (Met Office) Urban Climate Services

· Reza Mohammadi (University of Durham) The effect of tall buildings on the flow in an urban canopy

1500 Tea break

1530-1630 Invited talks [15 + 5 minutes] (Chair: Steven Herring)

· Stefano Cammelli (WSP) The UK Wind Engineering Society's view on the use of experimental and computational methods in wind engineering

· Katrin Gehrke (Pecanode) Building resolving large-eddy simulations for entire cities - high performance urban microscale modelling with PALM

· Matt Corcoran (AWE) The Artificial City Generator

1630-1800 Poster session. 3 minute/each overview presentation (Chair: Vincent Luo)

Ben Clare (University of Southampton)

Desmond Lim (University of Southampton)

Jian Zhong (University of Birmingham)

Marta Camps Santasmasas (University of Manchester)

Matthew Coburn (University of Southampton)

Sam Owens (Imperial College London)

Shanshan Ding (University of Surrey)

Saad Inam (University of Southampton)

Tomos Rich (University of Southampton)

Xiao Hu (Imperial College London)

William Stone (University of Southampton)

1900 Dinner (Meadow Suite)


Friday 2nd September (talks in 1L08, refreshments/posters in 1L04, Agriculture Building (59))

0900-1000 Humphrey Lean (Met Office) Met Office Urban-scale modelling strategy (Chair: Gabriel Rooney)

1000-1100 Invited talks [15 + 5 minutes] (Chair: Maarten van Reeuwijk)

· Andy Acred (Foster+Partners) Modelling airflows – a perspective on workflows from an architectural practice

· Hassan Hamida (University of Birmingham) Numerical simulation of diesel train fumes and their interaction with the HVAC units

· Tom Hall (University of Reading) Utility of thermal remote sensing for evaluation of a high-resolution urban weather model

1100-1130 Coffee break

1130-1230 Panel discussion on High-resolution prediction for urban modelling and design applications (Chair: Gabriel Rooney)

Panelists: Humphrey Lean (Met Office)

Andy Acred (Foster+Partners)

Christina Vanderwel (University of Southampton)

Hassan Hemida (University of Birmingham)

1230-1235 Closing remarks (Maarten van Reeuwijk)

1235-1330 Lunch


* The meeting is held in the Agriculture Building (59). This page ( gives travel details, and here ( has the Whiteknights campus map.